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Mission Call Coordinator

The Mission Call Coordinator’s primary role is guiding and supporting young people called to ministry. The MCC is the district contact person, providing youth, pastors, and churches with resources, encouragement, and direction from call to fulfillment.

The MCC works with:

Teens – Being the point person on the district and assist with resources, encouragement and direction on following the call. Create opportunities for teens to connect with other teens who profess a call. Develop an environment in the district of preparing the next generation of pastors, missionaries and ministers.

Pastors – Be a resource and support in leading, mentoring and preparing the teen for ministry. The MCC equips the pastor with insights, and a plan to communicate, mentor, church involvement and peer-to-peer development.

Mentors – The MCC works with clergy mentor (besides the teen’s pastor), and lay mentor (assigned by the teen’s pastor) in providing resources, insights and ideas to better connect with the teen.

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