The mission of Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International (SMDI) is to carry out the Great Commission to Children, Youth and Adults in preparation for a lifetime of making Christlike disciples.

Discipleship is a command from Jesus himself. Under His perfect example and with the transformational power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to continually learn and grow as we also bring others into the fold — and so the cycle continues.

Statistics indicate that evangelistic Christians in America have fallen from the call to discipleship, with only 2 percent discipling someone else to be a disciple maker; meanwhile, 95 percent of American believers have never led anyone to Christ. However, 160 million people are open and receptive to the Gospel and ready to accept Christ, if only someone would show them how!

The mission of Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International (SMDI) is to change those statistics by training believers of all ages to become disciple makers.



To teach the Word of God until pupils are sanctified wholly and maturing in Christian discipleship.
Help Christians to mature spiritually by involving them in soul-winning ministries, reaching and teaching others to be disciples and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
To identify and visit unchurched people, inviting them to enroll in small group ministry and to attend regularly.

Nazarene Discipleship International

In order to help fullfill our purpose and carry out the Great Commission, the Church of the Nazarene created Nazarene Discipleship International to equip all ages of being and making disciples.


Women’s Ministries and Women Clergy

Cindy Stiverson: Director

Young Adult Ministries

Brad Crumbacher: Director

Prime Time Ministries

Beth True

Children’s Ministries

Tiffany Manson: Director

Children’s Bible Quizzing


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Pastors and teachers, please contact us with your training needs. Our team can come to your church or zone to provide training.

Contact Dr. Doug Downs (SDMI Chairman) at upsndowns3@juno.com