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Broad attention has focused in recent days in the United States of America, as well as other nations of the world, on issues of discrimination, race relations, and the inherent value of every person as created in the image of God. 

The following is a weekly listing of Nazarene ministers and leaders who recently went home to be with the Lord. Notices were received 15-19 January 2018.

The phone rang and startled the chaplain awake from a deep sleep. She looked at the clock. 2:00 a.m., it read. An anxious voice on the other end said, “Chaplain, can you come now? There’s been an accident at the plant. We’ve lost someone.” (via Holiness Today)

Mashangu Maluleka, coordinador de estratégia de área para Sudáfrica, falleció de manera inesperada el 6 de enero, a la edad de 58 años.

The Church of the Nazarene’s Stories series shares how lives are being transformed through ministry efforts around the globe. These stories are made possible thanks to the prayers, involvement, and support of Nazarenes worldwide through the World Evangelism Fund. 


South Central Ohio Zones map We have provided this map as a tool to help you identify the locations of our district churches. The colored areas represent four sectional targets for the intra-district Work & Witness ministry that we have named ENGAGE.