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The Church and Its Outreach

Roles, Resources and Restoration
Presented by Pastor Jan Ruark

Pastor Jan Ruark has been an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene for 16 years.  Her ministry assignment has been outreach mission to severely under-resourced communities, which has held her in a joyful grip for nearly 20 years. Serving in Columbus, Ohio, Jan served as the director of Lower Light’s prison reentry housing program for women for 7 years and went on to become the CEO of the organization in 2011.   She has a degree in Religion from MVNU and a M.Div. from Asbury Seminary.

She has designed an interactive workshop for church leaders who want to explore options for starting or expanding their outreach ministry.  Three sessions will walk attenders through a 3-step, individualized analysis of their church’s readiness, ability and options for engaging in dynamic outreach programming. At the end of the workshop, church leaders will leave with a preliminary “business plan” and other tools for outreach ministry within their context and community. 

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