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Pastor Steve Dupler reports some amazing blessings related to community outreach. Following a recent VBS, God opened the doors for the formation of what their local church is calling Faith Ministries Apartment Outreach. The focus of this ministry is to reach people who would not attend a church worship service on the church property but who have openly attended gatherings sponsored by the church in the activity room of their apartment complex. In addition to providing tangible items such as clothes, furniture, gift baskets for newborns and food, the church is now providing a Thursday night dinner, a Bible lesson, an activity and prayer time as a way of taking the ministry of the local church outside the walls of the church facilities. So far, Pastor Steve reports that eight children have made a profession of faith with many others benefiting from the prayer support of First Church. The church has also started a weekly van outreach ministry that brings interested participants to the Wednesday evening activites at the church. God is definitely honoring the efforts of Zanesville First to reach their community in this rather unique outreach opportunity.