Here is a recent note that was distributed to all the employees from Dr. Dana Vallangeon announcing some exciting news related to the ongoing mission of Lower Lights Christian Health Center (LLCHC).  We join the entire Columbus Ohio community in expressing our appreciation for the ongoing services that this Nazarene ministry continues to offer to the metro area.  Here is an excerpt from Dr. Dana’s notification: 

“Dear Staff, 
I wanted to share a few items with you briefly. First, LLCHC was part of the Mayor’s State of the City Address last Thursday, February 23rd. This was a great honor and great news. The Mayor chose to announce as part of his focus on work in key communities that LLCHC is receiving $300,000 grant funding for the nonprofit grocery store from the city’s Westside Fund to continue their work and commitment to Franklinton! Hurray!
If you want to hear the address, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hudpR1z-zPU. 

Secondly, LLCHC has been featured in several articles in the last 30 days.
Please take a few minutes to see what is in the local/state press about Franklinton, LLCHC and our mission/work! Thanks and keep up the good work.” 
We praise God for His faithfulness to bless the continual ministry mission that is lived out everyday in the Broad Street and Bellows Avenue communities by the faithful servants at LLCHC.